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quotesPTCM has helped us to access the affinity market place and to remove some of the obstacles and difficulties that we would have otherwise faced. Their guidance and expertise has been extremely helpful to us.

Kelly Ward,
Sales & Marketing Director, AXA Assistance UK Ltd

About Perfect Timing

Over the past nine years Perfect Timing has been delivering successful CRM programmes for a range of clients through a professional balance of agency and client side experience. Our unique skill set is of significant benefit to companies who wish to maximise the value of their greatest asset – their existing customers. We have also helped many of our clients to develop successful and profitable affinity marketing programmes for cross selling and up-selling, utilising a wide range of tried and tested direct marketing techniques.

In all of our client relationships, our mission is to:

Customer Relationship Management

In its simplest form Customer Relationship Management (CRM) recognises that loyal customers are the foundation of a successful business. Most companies in today’s business environment often stress the need to maintain a strong customer focus, but many fail with poor service delivery, resulting in higher levels of customer defection. Successful CRM initiatives should align to a true customer-centric strategy that permeates throughout an organisation.

Key to developing a successful CRM strategy is the need to first capture, analyse and then interpret your customer data. Segmenting these customers by their worth to your business (customer value management) will help you to determine those who are the most/least profitable. Once these components are in place, CRM helps companies to understand, anticipate, and ultimately fulfil the needs of their most important customers.


Affinity Partnership Marketing

Affinity partnerships are a strategic marketing tool that can be applied to a wide range of commercial sectors. Those organisations with a large customer base can almost always benefit from an affinity partnership programme. Key to success is to ensure that both organisations have strong and complementary synergies.

Such like-minded organisations can develop added-value customer propositions by sharing their customer data with each other. Furthermore, they can generate valuable income streams from their members/customers/supporters by providing them with access to third party products and services, whether on a standalone basis or as part of a loyalty scheme.


Cause-related Marketing

In her excellent book ‘Cause Related Marketing – Who Cares Win’, Sue Adkins rightly describes cause-related marketing as a highly effective way to build your company’s brand, to reinforce, demonstrate and bring life to corporate values and to make corporate social responsibility and corporate community investment visible. The many case studies clearly show how cause-related marketing can successfully contribute to the overall development and enhancement of corporate reputation.

There have been many examples in the UK, not least Tesco’s highly successful ‘Computers for Schools’ customer engagement campaign.

Cause-related marketing is not a panacea, but it can have a significant impact. Like any other marketing activity it must be well planned and then implemented with great care.

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